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Online Music Schools

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The Internet makes it possible to study single music courses, or for preparing for music certificates and music degrees online. For those interested in a single online class in music or several classes, online music certificates, or online music degrees, there are ample courses available through online music schools, colleges, and universities.

Learning through online means affords full time working adults to study while maintaining their jobs. Students of online music college and university programs find many opportunities for flexible scheduling to access course materials and study at anytime, which allows for integration of studies with work and life responsibilities.

Online master and doctorate degrees in music education are plentiful, but there are also online music courses in songwriting, production, theory, arranging, performance, and any aspect of the music business. Courses and programs of study in online music universities and colleges exist for position enhancement as music teachers, music coordinators, band directors, liturgical music leaders, worship leaders, music instructors, music directors, music therapists, piano teachers, or for music enthusiasts.

Learning materials are accessible in multiple forms for sound, visual, text, etc., for allowing students to address particular learning styles and needs. Internet courses allow for working music educators to earn their master or doctorate degree in music education online. Curriculums programs in musicology and music theory can enhance careers for music teachers, music professionals, and those in the music industry.

Online music schools offering degrees are designed for music students, music teachers, and music professionals who are working in schools, orchestras, churches, or are at-home piano teachers. Some online music education degree programs require a prior undergraduate degree in music education and a teaching license.

Music production programs teach concepts, techniques, and technology of the music studio and home music producer. Courses can include desktop music production, sound design for electronic musicians, recording and producing in home studios, midi sequencing, and specialized courses with software.

Music business courses teach understanding of artist management and of music publishing. Courses in concepts of working inside the recording industry, the future of the music business, and techniques for self promotion may be included in courses of study. Other areas of study are music performance and music arranging.